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Selling a Kō home

Can I sell my share(s)?

Yes, you can sell all or part of your shares whenever you wish to do so.

Owners also have complete control over the price, and they can choose to list the home privately or sell their share(s) on the Kō platform.

Can I sell my share(s) to anyone?

Yes. Other co-owners have first right to offer when a share is going for sale, but if they do not wish to purchase the share they do not approve the new buyer. However, new owners will be vetting through our process before the transaction is closed.

How long does it take to sell a Kō home?

It depends on the price you set for your share and the real estate market at the time of the sale.

Are selling prices fixed?

No, they aren’t. As the owner of the share, you get to decide how much you would like to see the share sell for and how to go about it.

Are there any costs involved with selling my share?

You can expect the same costs you would incur if you were selling a normal home. Generally, these are sales commissions and closing costs.