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Buying a Kō home

Can I purchase more than 1/8 of the home?

Yes, you can.

Each home is divided into eight equal shares, and you can choose to purchase as many as you wish.

For example, if you purchase 4/8 shares, you will own 50% of the home – meaning that you will have access to the property for 50% of the year and own more equity in the property, allowing for greater returns if you choose to sell all or some of the shares.

What is covered in the purchase price of each home?

The purchasing price for each share, the one-off service fee, closing fees and any home upgrades (if applicable). We also set up a reserve fund, where each owner puts in 6 months of their share of expected operating costs.

What isn’t covered are the ongoing co-ownership costs such as:

  • A nominal platform administration fee of US$125 per month.
  • Ad hoc daily cleaning fees during your holiday stay. These vary for each property.
Can I visit the home before buying?

Yes, you can. When you register your interest in a home, Kō will connect you with our sales agent partners for the property. The agents will then share any relevant information you require and facilitate a visit to the property.

Do I own the contents of my Kō home?

Yes, Kō owners own the land, the property and its contents

What does the vetting co-owners process entail?

One of the benefits of co-ownership is that all parties involved own part of the property, so you can rest assured that the home will be treated with care and respect.

The vetting process is designed to ensure just that, that all co-owners will respect the property and look after it during their stay.

Checks we will conduct include: identity verification, credit check, employment status and assets.

Will I know who the other co-owners of the property are?

We believe privacy is key to each Kō owner, but we can share details such as the traditional booking preferences of the current owners.

Can the same Kō share be owned jointly by myself and another person (spouse, friend, family member)?

Yes, you may own a share as part of a larger ownership group.

Do I need a lawyer to purchase a Kō home?

You are welcome to review any legal documents and paperwork related to the purchase of a Kō home with your lawyer. Please note, however, that our standard documentation is not subject to changes.