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Co-ownership 101

What does “home co-ownership” mean?

Co-ownership (or fractional home ownership) is an arrangement that allows homeowners to share in the costs, benefits, and equity of a property, depending on what percentage of the home they purchase. It other words, it means that a property is owned by a group of owners instead of one single owner.

How many co-owners are there per home?

Homes can be divided into up to 8 shares and your individual usage of the home is proportionate to the number of shares you own.

One share will get you 6 weeks in your holiday home, 50% ownership (4/8) will get you up to 24 weeks.

What are the initial and on-going costs involved for Kō owners?

When you enter a co-ownership agreement with Kō, your first one-off payment covers the cost of your share, closing fees, any home upgrades (if applicable), and Kō’s service fee. We also set up a reserve fund, where each owner puts in 6 months of their share of expected operating costs.

Ongoing costs include:

  • A nominal platform administration fee of US$125 per month.
  • Ad hoc daily cleaning fees during your holiday stay. These vary for each property.