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Selling with Kō

I own 100% of a holiday home. Can I fractionalise it with Kō?

Yes, you can. Current homeowners can decide to fractionalise their holiday home and list it on the Kō platform.

Is my home a suitable Kō home?

In a nutshell, we are looking for luxury holiday homes in the Asia Pacific area. Turnkey homes that sit unutilised for a large portion of the year, and whose owners are ready to start benefitting from the co-ownership model.

These are some of the requirements of a Kō home:

  • Well-situated within a popular holiday home destination
  • Turnkey: requires little or no renovation.
  • A stylish home.
  • Ideal number of bedrooms: 3-5.
  • Number of bathrooms: ideally one per bedroom.
How many share(s) of my home can I sell Kō?

That is up to you, but we ask each property owner to offer at least 4 of the 8 shares (50%) within the first year. You can base the decision on factors like current home usage – i.e. sell back what you don’t use.