What to Expect When Selling Your Share in a Kō Holiday Home

May 19, 2023 • Co-Ownership 411

So, you’re considering a share in a Kō co-owned holiday home or have recently bought one but you’re not sure what happens with resale. We’ve got you covered! Here are the steps involved in the resale process so you know what to expect if you do decide to sell your share.

1. Your Kō share is your equity

First things first, let’s remember that your share in a co-owned Kō Home is your equity. You maintain control and choose when to sell and can list at whatever price you choose. Any capital appreciation in the value of the property and your share can be included in the resale price.

2. Shares don’t have to be equal in value

For new Kō listings, units are divided equally between the first round of co-owners. From that point on, units can change in value whenever co-owners decide to sell their share (unit) and at the price they wish to list.

Stunning Kō home listed for co-ownership at 6 McInnes Lane, Byron Bay

3. The Kō team is there to help

The team at Kō are committed to supporting you through the entire lifecycle of co-ownership, including the buying, managing, maintaining and selling process. Our property specialists can guide you on an appropriate price to list for your share of the Kō Home. There’s no requirement to sell with Kō, and you can sell your share through your own real estate agent if you choose.

4. An offer is first made to other co-owners of your property

After the seller sets their list price, existing owners get the first right of refusal. It makes sense that the people most likely to buy your share might just be another co-owner already familiar with the property and interested in increasing their equity. It’s worth keeping in mind that the maximum amount that any co-owner can own is four (50%) units in a single property.

5. We then list your share on the Kō platform

Assuming none of the other co-owners accept the initial offer to buy your share, and you wish to sell through the Kō platform, then our team moves ahead with publicly listing the property through our site and promoting it to our network.

How properties appear when they are listed on the Kō website. Discover more home listings here.

6. Agent support and networks extend the reach of your listing

As part of our service, Kō will also use real estate agency partners to help market your share through agent networks and listings on other property sites such as Domain or REA for example. We can provide access to our recommended agency partners or you can choose your own. Your share is listed on the market similar to any other property.

7. SOLD! Now leave the legal documents and details to Kō

There’s no need to worry after finding an interested buyer. We’ll support you and the new co-owner with legal documentation and general advice through the sales process, just as we did when you purchased your original unit.

This information was collated to give co-owners more details about what to expect if they decide to sell their share. If you have any additional questions about the process, please contact the team.

For more details, please download the Information Memorandum here or contact us.

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