How To Choose A Luxury Holiday Home

September 5, 2022 • Co-Ownership 411

Owning your own slice of paradise is a dream for many. With Kō, the dream of your own holiday home can become a reality. Co-owning your very own holiday home brings unrivalled benefits to your quality of life.

Imagine being able to escape to your own piece of paradise for multiple getaways during the year? Access to regular vacations in your own holiday home makes more frequent and longer trips a reality all year round. With many of us enjoying a flexible working model, it may even be possible to escape to your holiday home and continue working a little, enabling an extended stay away from the everyday at home. 

Before buying a luxury holiday home ownership, there are a number of important considerations that can be used to inform your selection. 

Practical Considerations when Choosing a Luxury Holiday Home 

1. Accessibility 

To make the best use of your new holiday home, it needs to be accessible. Being well acquainted with your chosen location before you buy will help to ensure that your new holiday home has long-term appeal. When considering the location of a new holiday home, look at the local transport links and ease of access – it is really important that it is convenient to visit as often as you choose.

A property within a two-hour drive of a capital city or airport is often ideal for easy accessibility. Consider the availability and cost of flights – choosing a holiday home in a location serviced by a range of airlines with flights from your local airport can ensure that you are able to escape to paradise regularly and easily.  

2. Accommodation  

Simple considerations could include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed for yourself and your immediate family. If you plan to entertain regularly or invite guests to stay, then additional accommodation will be essential to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all. 

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For many, holidays present the perfect opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so the outdoor features of the property are key – imagine yourself relaxing in a sunny infinite pool area or entertaining guests around a BBQ on the deck. 

Entertaining spaces are a must, and scenic views from a balcony or veranda are a huge plus.  Relaxing with your favourite people and enjoying a stunning sunset are what holiday memories are made of.  

3. Local facilities 

Take some time to consider how you will be spending your holidays. Do you enjoy peace and tranquillity away from the hustle of day-to-day life, or do you enjoy getting out and about during your break and sampling the local sights?

A holiday home within easy reach of local amenities like restaurants, shops and coffee shops is a must for many. If you’re travelling with children then local attractions like theme parks or watersports may also be important.  

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4. Management and maintenance 

The responsibility of owning a second home often comes with additional commitments to maintenance and management.

The hassle of managing the practicalities of a holiday home can be eliminated with a fully managed co-ownership model. Kō homeowners enjoy a hassle-free experience, with all aspects of property management, administration and maintenance taken care of.

Buying a holiday home with Kō  

Co-ownership with Kō means you can enjoy access to a luxurious holiday home at a fraction of the cost. And more importantly, you can enjoy all the benefits of a true holiday home owner, without any of the day-to-day management. 

When you find the holiday home of your dreams, Kō will facilitate the purchase of your luxurious and fully furnished holiday home. Once you become a Kō-owner, all left for you to do is schedule your next holiday and enjoy! 

Take a look at our current Kō-ownership opportunities, and for more information about buying a holiday home with Kō contact us today

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